Welcome to the site of The South Vancouver Island Potters Guild

The “guild” concept has changed over the centuries. Today, guilds function as a means of connection – to teach, to socialize, to problem solve, and to discover. Common love of this most common material, clay, gives potters the world over an instant connection. Regardless of what method we use, what temperature we fire to, or what our vision may be, it all begins with clay. The infinite variety of clays, techniques, firing temperatures and atmospheres, makes it impossible for even an expert potter to know everything. Perhaps this is why potters love to congregate.

The guild welcomes all levels of ceramic experience and expertise, and anyone who shares our love of the amazing, versatile material that is clay.

member Cindy Gibson on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of SVIPG, 2010

SVIPG meets monthly to support, educate and motivate artists working with clay. Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of the month at: St. Michaels Hall, 4733 West Saanich Rd. Victoria, BC.

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